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We are a group of professional and adventurous designers who create intriguing working and living spaces for the cities.

LYCS Architecture, founded in 2011, is a well-known and diversified design firm named the Best Innovative Design Firm in BUILD Magazine and was selected as one of ArchDaily's Top 10 Avant-garde Design Firms in China. We are committed to providing innovative and professional design for how people work and live in high-density cities with a fun and exploratory attitude. With offices in Hangzhou and Hong Kong, we provide a full range of design services to clients in over 40 cities.
LYCS Architecture Office Gallery

Diversified design creation

Our scope of work includes architectural design, interior design, and exhibition design. Our expertise covers office and headquarters, education, residential, hospitality, cultural, commercial, and renovations. The multidisciplinary design process, technical rigor, innovative research, and consistently high self-imposed standards allow us to create diverse designs across disciplines.

Our design process is research-based and highly collaborative, encompassing experts, clients, and collaborators from all fields. This collaboration results in creative works at the scale of urban areas, architecture, interior spaces, exhibition spaces, and in-depth academic research. We lead the future of cities and industry through our designs.

Start with user needs
Result in fun experience

For over a decade, we have believed that the essence of design is to solve problems technically in an intriguing and aesthetic way. Therefore, we always take the behavioral needs of users as the starting point to raise targeted questions about high-density cities, buildings, and spaces. Based on innovative research and design, we create simple, light, open, and pleasant spaces, achieving a fun experience. We have proven with much practice that realizing user value can ultimately bring greater value to our clients.
LYCS Architecture Working Environment

Enabling creative exploration

Our in-depth research and thinking on high-density cities and life provide the basis for a constant flow of creativity, ensuring that every design is innovative. Whether it is the exploration of a building, an interior space, a showroom, or a piece of furniture, it will be realized with advanced technology, thus contributing to the innovation of contemporary architectural typologies and design processes.
LYCS Architecture's design for a school with running track atop its roof is 1st case of its kind in China.
-- The New York Times 

If your cat keeps distracting you from work by sitting on your laptop keyboard or batting at your hands,
the CATable designed by LYCS Architecture is the perfect solution.

Winning numerous international design awards

Our works have been distributed and exhibited worldwide. We have participated in many international exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale of Architecture and Milan Design Week, and have won numerous international design awards. 
  • IMAGE Fifty Under Fifty - Innovators of the 21st Century
  • Architectural Society of China Young Chinese Architects Award
  • Architecture Digest The 100 Most Influential Architects and Interior Designers in China
  • BUILD Best for Innovative Design Solutions
  • Architizer A+ Award Jury Winner
  • Archdaily China Building of the Year
  • Blueprint Awards Best Interior Project
  • Iconic Awards for Innovative Architecture
  • WA World Architecture Awards
  • Andrew Martin Design Awards
  • PETA Innovator for Animals Award
  • China Interior Design Association Designer of the Year
LYCS Architecture A+ Architizer Award Tiantai Elementary School

Advocators for environment

We explore and practice low-carbon and energy-saving strategies through design as the starting point of our projects. Architects and interior designers certified by LEED and WELL, together with experts in green architecture, prefabricated construction, and other niche industries, provide environmentally friendly designs for buildings and interior spaces.
LYCS Architecture Shanghai Baoye Center
Shanghai Baoye Center. Shanghai's First Carbon Neutral Building
LYCS Architecture Merit Interactive Headquarters
Merit Interactive Headquarters

A community where ideas sparkle

Our childlike curiosity constantly drives us to explore, discover and share new ideas and perspectives. We have a research team independent of our design practice. We work with universities, laboratories, and industry partners to research user behavior, high-density urban architecture, and new materials and technologies extensively. We apply these valuable findings to our design practice. The implementation of each project is the most effective feedback to these ideas, which in turn helps us to generate more.
LYCS Architecture HAY x LYCS Lecture
HAY x LYCS "Design that touches the heart" lecture
LYCS Architecture Book Architecture Elements Research and Design in Urban High Density by RUAN Hao
Published book "Research and Design of Architectural Elements

A place for talent to grow

Our design team has over 100 members in different positions, such as design, management, and research. They graduated from Harvard University, Princeton University, Tsinghua University, and other well-known institutions in China and abroad, with an international perspective and rich local design experience. New designers can quickly grow and acquire technical skills with our "genes" through internships, new entry promotion programs, and a comprehensive training system. We create and adhere to a culture of side-by-side, truth-seeking, self-reflection, and creativity.
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LYCS Architecture Merit Interactive Headquarters Construction Site