A design community

The core of LYCS Architecture is an open and evolving creative organization that promotes "good design speaks for itself." It is a collaborative and co-creative process where clients, markets, and design teams create and make choices together. It drives our ideas. We are always looking for talented people to join this bottom-up creative group so that it can continuously learn and upgrade itself and everyone can grow from it.
Go Creative: LYCS Architecture's 10 years
LYCS Architecture

In company with excellent people

Our design team has over 100 members in different positions, such as design, management, and research. They graduated from Harvard University, Princeton University, Tsinghua University, and other well-known institutions at home and abroad, with an international perspective and rich local design experience. We create and adhere to a cultural atmosphere of side-by-side, truth-seeking, self-reflection, and creativity.

A community of continuous learning

We firmly believe in lifelong "learning by doing." We build the company as a continuation of the university campus. Through a well-established training program for newcomers and a continuous and targeted course system, we provide each team member with an efficient growth path and encourage the transformation between different expertise and positions within the company to meet our members' diversified career development needs.
LYCS Architecture
LYCS Architecture