LYCS Architecture Career

Interior Designer for Construction Documents

Job Description

As an interior designer for construction documents at LYCS Architecture, you will lead a team of up to 3 people in the role of project construction drawing phase leader, assisting the project lead creator to promote the construction drawing and construction phase field service work, your work mainly consists of two parts: design management, project management, details as follows:

Design Management:

Playing a central role in the construction drawing and construction phase field service process of the project you are responsible for, being able to lead the team in the construction drawing based on the final confirmed solution results by the owner, ensuring the implementability and quality of the solution on the ground, you will be responsible for the following:

  1. Complete interior construction drawings according to the design plan and be responsible for the completeness, accuracy and implementability of the drawings;
  2. Assisting the lead designer to ensure the implementability of the construction drawings and the high degree of reproduction of the landing results;
  3. Lead construction drawing assistants to complete project drawing deepening, drawing delivery and on-site services during construction phase.

Project Management:

As the person in charge of the field service for the construction drawings and construction phase of the project, you will be required to work with the lead artist or partner to communicate and liaise with the construction side and third-party cooperation units, lead the team to realize the ideas efficiently and with high quality, and ensure that each project is landed with high quality. You will be responsible for the following:

  1. Develop a reasonable work plan for the construction drawing phase based on project requirements;
  2. Communicate with third-party cooperating units on requirements and docking of drawing contents during the drawing stage, and review whether the information returned by cooperating units meets the design requirements;
  3. Cooperate with the lead creator or partner for construction delivery report, follow up the progress of the responsible projects in real time, and be able to propose reasonable solutions in the face of on-site construction problems, and promote the implementation according to the identified solutions.
Job Requirements

We need you to meet the following requirements:

  1. Background in interior design, environmental art or related disciplines, with a college degree or above;
  2. Five years or more experience in construction drawing, two years or more experience in construction drawing stage coordination management and construction stage project post-service, experience in hotel, large public buildings or high-end private residential construction drawing is preferred;
  3. Experience in working with other disciplines such as water, electricity, fire protection and structure, and familiarity with construction drawings and the whole process of construction site services are preferred;
  4. Familiar with commonly used interior decoration materials and construction techniques, able to make suggestions for optimization of design schemes from the perspective of materials, construction techniques and costs;
  5. Good communication, good understanding of the designer's design concepts and intentions, and the ability to model in 3D are preferred;
  6. Independently complete the construction drawing and responsible for the team construction drawing review work, down-to-earth and willing to work, have a strong sense of responsibility and self-discipline, with good teamwork spirit.
About Us

LYCS Architecture, founded in 2011, is a well-known and diversified design firm named the Best Innovative Design Firm in BUILD Magazine and was selected as one of ArchDaily's Top 10 Avant-garde Design Firms in China. We are committed to providing innovative and professional design for how people work and live in high-density cities with a fun and exploratory attitude. With a team of over 100 members and offices in Hangzhou and Hong Kong, we provide a full range of design services to clients in over 40 cities.

Our design team has over 100 members in different positions, such as design, management, and research. They graduated from Harvard University, Princeton University, Tsinghua University, and other well-known institutions in China and abroad, with an international perspective and rich local design experience. New designers can quickly grow and acquire technical skills with our "genes" through internships, new entry promotion programs, and a comprehensive training system. We create and adhere to a culture of side-by-side, truth-seeking, self-reflection, and creativity.