LYCS Architecture Career

Assistant Interior Design for Construction Documents

Job Description

As an Interior Construction Assistant at LYCS Architecture, you will work as a team member to complete projects under the direction of the lead designer or construction drawing senior designer. You will collaborate with team members to advance the design process and grow accordingly. Your growth opportunities will primarily come from participating in the following:

Construction drawing stage:

  1. Participate in the whole process of the construction drawing phase of the project;
  2. Internally, cooperate with the main creator or senior construction designers for drawing, material inquiry, material selection and preparation of related forms;
  3. Externally, we have the opportunity to participate in the interface work with suppliers and other professional cooperation units, and we have the opportunity to participate in the construction site survey, remeasurement and other related work. 

Field service phase:

  1. Participate in project construction site service work, including but not limited to construction site communication, 3D modeling, and contact order issuance.
  2. Cooperate with senior construction drawing designers to review the deepening drawings of suppliers, as well as feedback and reply to questions.
Job Requirements

We need you to meet the following requirements:

  1. Background in interior design, environmental art or related disciplines, with a college degree or above;
  2. 2 years and above experience in construction drawing drafting. Preference for those who have participated in the construction site service phase of projects;
  3. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and teamwork skills;
  4. Good ability to learn quickly and execute efficiently;
  5. Familiar with common decorative materials, construction techniques and nodal practices. Basic understanding of public building fire codes.
About Us

LYCS Architecture, founded in 2011, is a well-known and diversified design firm named the Best Innovative Design Firm in BUILD Magazine and was selected as one of ArchDaily's Top 10 Avant-garde Design Firms in China. We are committed to providing innovative and professional design for how people work and live in high-density cities with a fun and exploratory attitude. With a team of over 100 members and offices in Hangzhou and Hong Kong, we provide a full range of design services to clients in over 40 cities.

Our design team has over 100 members in different positions, such as design, management, and research. They graduated from Harvard University, Princeton University, Tsinghua University, and other well-known institutions in China and abroad, with an international perspective and rich local design experience. New designers can quickly grow and acquire technical skills with our "genes" through internships, new entry promotion programs, and a comprehensive training system. We create and adhere to a culture of side-by-side, truth-seeking, self-reflection, and creativity.