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Archiposition | Go Creative: LYCS Architecture's 10 years

On the 10th anniversary of the founding of LYCS Architecture, Archiposition shares the work and life of LYCS Architecture through its official website. With 2 months of preparation, 4 project sites, 5 days of follow-up filming, 6 interviews, 20 people interviews, and 27 hours of documentary material, the film is finally condensed into a 7-minute short film, presenting the 10 years of LYCS Architecture.

After an all-round, in-depth look at the work and life of LYCS Architecture, a party asked the question: what is the greatest pride of the 10-year trek?

"We promote a creative way, is to take two seemingly unrelated things and let them to establish a connection, when you are going to design it, you first think about why he has to grow into that before, you will forget some established paradigms. LYCS Architecture is a very vital collective with a strong team cohesion. At LYCS Architecture is not just about burying your head in the drawing, it's about having the ability to achieve innovative design, and this decade, LYCS Architecture has become a design community." RUAN Hao, the founder of LYCS Architecture answered.

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