LYCS Architecture Neo 20 20

LYCS Architecture Invited to Alpha Architecture Conference

In March, LYCS Architecture attended the Alpha Architecture Conference held at Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, China, and our founder Ruan Hao delivered a keynote speech on "Haishu School- The Beginning and End of User Design".

LYCS Architecture Neo 20 20

With the theme of "X and Life", alpha architecture conference 2022 is held from the perspective of the parallel development of epidemic, environment, population, land, time and space, covering new projects, new designs, new technologies and new materials in architecture around the world. "NEO 20 x 20" is an important section of "alpha architecture conference" to promote the power of young design, which is organized by citybuilder exhibition group. The search will cover foreign architects/composites/institutions in mainland china.

LYCS Architecture Neo 20 20

Hangzhou Haishu School of Future Sci-Tech City, located in the Future Tech City area in western Hangzhou, is a comprehensive building project that includes a kindergarten and elementary school, with its architecture and interior designed by LYCS Architecture in an integrated manner. The design is inspired by the language of children's drawings, where the ideal campus is full of friendly scales and joyful streets, and from this we break up the 8,000-square-meter volume into 15 small houses with sloping roofs. The corridors and staircases are not only a connection between classrooms but also a place for students to meet, and the playgrounds and roofs are not only their literal function but also a space for students to communicate. The school serves as a small-scale community in which children build their own sense of community through personal experience.

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