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KINCANG Egrets Waves 3.0 Residence Opened to the Public

KINCANG Egrets Waves 3.0 Residence, designed by LYCS Architecture, has opened to the public. The building is completed and is expected to be delivered in 2024.

The architectural design follows the concept of "bringing nature to life." It takes inspiration from the white egret soaring on the river and uses the streamline as the primary modeling language. The facade language has been optimized and iterated based on the curves of the KINCANG first generation, which makes the architectural form more comfortable and soft. The facade of the building is made of moonlike silver aluminum alloy panels with large area of floor-to-ceiling windows, and the natural landscape and internal space blend. The top layer of the stacked villa is equipped with Skypool, which is like a finishing touch and became a cover project in Shaoxing as soon as it was launched.

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