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KINCANG Modern Pre-school in list of Fortune Best Designs 2023

Recently, the "Fortune Best Design 2023" selected by the world-renowned media "Fortune" officially announced the results. LYCS Architecture`s "The Wizard of Oz" KINCANG Modern Pre-school was honored to be on the list !

Fortune Best Designs was established by magazine to search for design ideas that are based on people's real needs, attempt to solve complex problems, and have business prospects or social influence.

Fortune Editorial: "In China, the rapid technological advancement, industrial upgrading, and social transformation have not only created enormous wealth and opportunities but also brought about environmental degradation, digital divide, income disparity, involutional anxiety and other pain points of the times, which has made this place a hot spot for design thinking to flourish. This is exactly what drove Fortune's editorial team to establish the "China's Best Design List" in the first place. Over the past few months, we have received more than 200 submissions, and we are delighted to see how Chinese companies and designers are responding to the technological changes and questions of the times. We are pleased to announce the Fortune China Best Design List 2023. The 50 design ideas on the list, whether they are a commodity, a building, a service, a set of algorithms, or a public welfare program, are all attempting to solve the unique problems we are facing at this moment in time so that the dividends of technological advancement can reach more people, and so that our society can be more inclusive, fairer, and more efficient. We congratulate the teams that created these designs. "

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