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ODC Design Conference Review!

From a tablecloth used 800 centuries ago to transcribe prayers from a book manuscript, it has gone through rounds of social events, industrial innovation, and technological progress, evolving into a collaborative tool that meets work needs and achieves efficient work outcomes in contemporary times. Office space has transcended the singular meaning of a production site. It has more "functions": showcasing corporate culture and values, attracting talents, enhancing a sense of belonging, Reflecting employee care and welfare protection, and so on.

Mr. Lai Zhenyu, a partner of LYCS Architecture, discussed the future trends of office space from four dimensions: "blurring boundaries," "flowing knots," "tourism style office," and "community style office" in the recent "ODC Design Conference," combining project practices such as the Merit Interactive Headquarters, S-GAME Office, Shanghai Baoye Center, and Zhejiang Digital Publishing Headquarters.

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