LYCS Architecture Phase II project (GS1303-07) of the Hangzhou Steelworks Park construction begins LYCS ArchitectureArchitecture Firm The Grand Canal Hangzhou Steelworks Park Phase II Project Officially Starts Construction

Hangzhou Industrial Site Comprehensive Protection Project Construction Begins

The Phase II project (GS1303-07) of the Hangzhou Steelworks Park, located along the Grand Canal, has officially commenced construction recently. Situated on the former site of the Hangzhou Steel Company in the Banshan area of Gongshu District, Hangzhou, the overall design is overseen by Jiakun Architects, with interior design designed by LYCS Architecture. The project covers 04-06 three plots with a total design area of approximately 4,775 square meters.

Based on the unique location and historical significance of the Hangzhou Steel Site, the design philosophy aims to respect its history by continuing the principles of "cherishing the history of Hangzhou Steel," "preserving the traces of time," "humbly setting off the remains," and "creating gardens between mountains and rivers." The interior design seeks to create public spaces uniquely characteristic of Hangzhou Steel, building upon its industrial heritage. It aims to provide an interior space experience that meets the criteria of landmark status, artistic appeal, and functionality.

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