LYCS Architecture Pinghu Children and Youth Center

Pinghu Children and Youth Center Breaks Ground

The Pinghu Children and Youth Center, designed by LYCS Architecture with architecture and interior integrated design, officially started construction and boasts a total floor area of approximately 59,129 square meters. Located in the core area of Pinghu City, it is set to become a landmark cultural complex housing various public cultural facilities, including museums, science centers, youth palaces, theaters, exhibition halls, and women and children's centers.

LYCS Architecture Pinghu Children and Youth Center

The project adopts the " Playful Pinwheel" design concept, expressing the beautiful vision of "gathering and blending" using rotating windmills. The four "blades" are connected by curves, freely extending in different directions, outlining an open building resembling a carpet, engaging in dialogue with the urban landscape. The concave "stem" encloses to create a rich plaza space while meeting functional needs. When combined with landscaping, it provides citizens with a diverse ecological green experience.

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