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FASHENG | Responding to the Changing Times with Light Innovation

How can young people in China make their voices heard about the future of architecture?

FASHENG, a design media outlet, invited four design leaders from LYCS Architecture in the "Hangzhou Design Archives" column to discuss how architects can use their lightweight power to innovate and design cities in the current era.

"Simplicity, lightness, honesty, and joy are written into the design values of LYCS Architecture. This creative community rejects masters and emphasizes co-creation design. For 13 years, it has used rationality to create an interesting lifestyle that faces the present and future. With design innovation as the core competitiveness, it maintains a youthful attitude in creation and advances together in the three business channels of architecture, interior, and exhibition.

While chatting with the LYCS team, they demonstrated the richness and precision of interdisciplinary intersections in a diverse educational and practical background. The team, which once envisioned "being the most powerful design innovator in urban renewal," represented some courage to break through established thinking and inherent rules. Their work, collaboration, and attitude towards "problems" and design all carry a strong team attribute. In years of practice, how do they respond to "heavy" with "light" and connect design with the public with a continuous stream of creativity?" FASHENG's evaluation.

For more information, please click: Hangzhou Design Archives VOL.049 丨 LYCS Architecture: Responding to the Changing Times with Lightness and Innovation

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