LYCS Architecture "Ink Imprint" Linhai Yin Yuan Boutique Hotel Breaks Ground LYCS ArchitectureArchitecture "Ink Imprint" Linhai Yin Yuan Boutique Hotel Breaks Ground

"Ink Imprint" Linhai Yin Yuan Boutique Hotel Construction Begins

Recently,Linhai Yin Yuan Boutique Hotel officially broke ground. The project on the 80-year-old "senior" Linhai printing plant for transformation, to set the hotel, new lifestyle, creative culture and other collection of new life in the way, to become a connection between history and modernity, fusion of culture and art of the creative collection of space.

The project is located under the 4,000-year-old city wall of Linhai Taizhou Mansion, and together with the 525-year-old ancient tree in the courtyard, it has witnessed the vicissitudes of Linhai over the past hundred years. Taking the industrial heritage and the century-old trees as the core traction, the design seeks to create a boutique hotel with both historical precipitation and fashionable taste at the intersection of ink and paper, providing a new place of creativity for the millennium old city of Linhai.

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