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KINCANG Egrets Waves 2.0 Residence Nears Completion

After "KINCANG Egrets Waves Residence" and "KINCANG Egrets Waves 3.0 Residence," the high-end residential demonstration area "KINCANG Egrets Waves 2.0 Residence," designed by LYCS Architecture, is also nearing completion.

The KINCANG Egrets Waves 2.0 Residence takes inspiration from the concept of "urban forest living aesthetics" and integrates the three core principles of "nature, vacation, and light luxury." Building upon modernist architecture, it synchronizes with the minimalist architectural aesthetics of "ultimate simplicity." With a roof pitch of approximately 36.1 degrees, the large eaves are seamlessly integrated with the natural texture of the surrounding landscape, harmoniously blending nature into the design. This feature becomes the most visually striking aspect of the project.

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