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MRDT Office Industrial Park Breaks Ground

LYCS Architecture designed MRDT Office Industrial Park for Merit Interactive(Getui) and Taichang Group Co., LTD. The project is located in Longwan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. It covers an area of 24,000 square meters and is an office complex that covers functions such as corporate headquarters, business supporting facilities, entrepreneurial services, and corporate living rooms. Recently, the project held a groundbreaking ceremony and officially began construction.

In order to accommodate various types of office functions, the design adopts both multi-story and high-rise office buildings with individual structures. In the design strategy for high-rise buildings, the designers divided the building volume to make it lighter, while ensuring that the position and size of each cube can satisfy its corresponding function. This stacked box form not only creates multi-level rich rooftop gardens but also conforms to the project's vision of "everyone contributing to make the flame rise higher." In terms of facade design, waves are used as an essential element, giving each box a sense of movement. At the same time, the city's development and future can be viewed through the "windows" of the boxes, creating a window to the city.

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