LYCS Architecture Neighborhood Center for the Baijiafang Community will top-out LYCS ArchitectureArchitecture The Baijiafang Community Commercial Neighborhood Center will top out.

Neighborhood Center for the Baijiafang Community Tops-out

The Neighborhood Center for the Baijiafang Community, designed by LYCS Architecture, tops-out. The project, which has a total floor area of 59,850 square meters and is located in the heart of the future community area of Baijiafang in Quzhou Smart Town, encompasses commercial, office, hotel, talent apartments, and neighborhood center functions.

The design concept of "mountain, water, and neighborhood" is adopted for the project, taking into account the original architectural style of Baijiafang and the unique landscape conditions of the site. The architectural form combines large and small volumes, with the main building representing the mountain and the podium representing the neighborhood. The east-west water features passing through create a spatial form of "mountain, water, and neighborhood." This design aims to provide residents around Baijiafang with memorable and inclusive neighborhood spaces.

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