LYCS Architecture YU Zhiqiang

YU Zhiqiang

Design Director

Mr. YU Zhiqiang is a Chinese A-level registered architect, Senior Architectural Engineer. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Nanjing University of Technology. He has been engaged in architecture design for nearly 20 years, served as the director of a large design firm, and then served as the head of its international business. He has worked in the United States from 2013 to 2019 and has rich experience designing international projects outside China. These experiences have given him a more global perspective and thinking and a more comprehensive understanding of different regional cultures.

Mr. YU is very experienced in public architecture design, specializing in office, cultural, and commercial buildings. After joining LYCS Architecture, he led his team to win important competitions like the Pinghu Youth and Children Activity Center. He completed the architecture design of many projects, such as the No.1 school of Quzhou High-speed Railway New City, which won many international awards.

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