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HE Yulou


Mr. Ho Yuk Lo is the Exhibition Designer in charge of the firm. He has over 15 years of experience in interior and exhibition design and joined LYCS Architecturein 2013. He graduated from China Academy of Art with a master's degree in environmental art, and has a solid art foundation and academic background. Early on, Mr. He Yulou served as the core of the team that formed the firm's interior design team. He led the team to complete several heavyweight office headquarters interior design projects. Based on his in-depth understanding of the development needs of companies in different industries, he has provided high-quality design solutions and comprehensive services to his clients.

With the growing demand for corporate headquarters exhibitions, Mr. He built the firm's exhibition design team with a breakthrough in integrating digital technology and space creation. He uses the design concept of combining digitalization and artistry to present interior and exhibition spaces with immersive experiences. He has led the team to complete the design and implementation of interiors and exhibits for many Fortune 500, publicly listed companies and unicorn companies. He has also planned and designed the exhibit design for many exhibitions, such as the Shanghai Art and Design Exhibition and the Bauhaus Exhibition at the National Museum of China. He is also responsible for the exhibition design for our participation in top international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale of Architecture and Art and Milan Design Week.

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