LYCS Architecture ZHAO Lin


Project Director

Mr. ZHAO Lin is an experienced architect and management professional who, as the firm's Director of Projects, is fully responsible for the overall project management of the firm. Under his leadership, the project management team achieves efficient collaboration and high-quality delivery, providing quality design services to clients. Mr. Zhao has been engaged in architectural design and management for over ten years and has worked in large domestic design firms for many years. He has rich experience with large-scale projects and clients in various fields such as urban complexes, culture, education, commercial, hotel, medical buildings, etc. He has a deep understanding and grasp of multiple types of projects.

Mr. ZHAO has managed many high-profile projects. In these projects, he focuses not only on managing innovative designs but also on the realization and implementation of the designs. He has ensured that the designs are implemented and delivered with high quality and satisfaction through efficient project management. His expertise and skills in design and management, as well as his dedication to excellence in project execution, have made him a leader in the industry. His leadership and contributions have driven the firm's overall development and provided excellent design management solutions that our clients have highly acknowledged.

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